toco1tokoTawasa âssick-toúquah 'east'1vexposeexponer, desenmascarar,revelarConfident2vcome outsalir, aparecer, revelarseQueniqe hecabanoqere, onaqùenta, nabucha reqe caqi, elatocohanimano, eneta teralamanta, hachia? So every morning that we see the sun come out, we owe thanks to God, who did this benefit for us.Pues cada mañana que veamos salir el Sol, demos gra[end indent] cias à Dios, que nos hizo este beneficio. 1627 Cat 1.1Often used for the rising of the sunConfidentcomp.abotocohigh pitch (with cuna)abo2ibine tocosonowater wheelibine3vexceed?Probable4vhappen, occurocurrir, suceder, acontecerConfident5move awayTentativesp. var.tocò

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