yatiquijatikʷininterpreteinterpreterAcu vti chucuma hebano inemimate nahiabota, hicareqema, vioreqe sacasinta yatiquitoroqua Dios hebano ecatamala, §They taught God's word without an interpreter to each village and far apart place [so that] this earth would know all the words.so they could preach to all the world the Holy Faith, and as a sign of these wonderful effects, it (the Holy Spirit) made appear those fire tongues, because the light of that fire means wisdom, the burning of this same fire, the charity and the shape of the tongue, the eloquence and because this was a great benefit that God did to the Church, thus we celebrate such great festivity that is called Pentecost, or festivity of the Holy Spirit.Movilla 1635a:f027-027v 2.5Probable

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