angala1angalacardnum-teen (numeral base)Confidentsp. var.angala2ngalacomp.maruangalafifteenmaruaordnumchequetangalacomp.tʃekʷetangalacardnumfourteenAcu heca ininoletahaue ninahiabobotemano los articulos de la fee,monoma cheqetangalama caqi ysinococoma muluacoma nantanimano, mine Dios anocomile, nainima inemi, nanahebuataqe, naquenelebo hacooenltahaue naistaqe nante acu heca ysomile sancta Iglesiama hebunaonecasibotanima inemimate naquenele manda bohotecho?So too do you believe the fourteen Article of Faith which are enclosed in the [Fol. 12v] Creed, and do you believe all that our Holy Mother Church has, believes, and teaches? do you believe it so?Also, these things that we must know to do, the so-called fourteen "articles of faith", these many sayings and great principles, God, our Lord, everything he says in the Creed, and everything our Holy Mother Church teaches, do you believe this? hapuangalacomp.hapʷangalacardnumthirteenyahangalacomp.jahangalasp. var.yangalaTawasa toomayaúkfacardnumelevenyuchangalacomp.jutʃangalasp. var.yuchagalacardnumtwelve

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