nahiabonahijabov1saber, entenderknow, understandMine Dios itimima farano bueta hibuantela muenoma hachaquenta nahiabonolete?How does one understand that he is seated at the right hand of the eternal father?1612 Cat 1.1Caqi Dios hebuano nocomiletemano chabueta cobueta tanahiabuotecho.De donde saveys vos havellas (?) dicho Dios.1612 Cat 1.1Caqi Diosi mota naeno hachaquene lecu manta, nahiabuotecho?When you say God, do you know what you mean?What do you understand by God? Who is God?1612 Cat 1.1Confident2do thisConfident3have sexsp. var.nahiàbonahiavonahyabonahiabanahiabuonahibanahibonahiyabonahyabanagyabonahiyabacomp.chara nahiabostudentcharan

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