caqikaki1detestethisCaqi minequa iyenotincono chanco hibuante?Where dwells this grand queen?g3, p. 4 1:1Caqiolio consagrado ibisonomano eyobuetareqe na ybisono hapula naquenehapuqua isotanimano nachocorita yayinohapu tres virtudes Theologales, monoma atichicoloma naechesotela naqueniqe chitoma caqi olio consagradoma ibisota Cruz chieta naqelenoletemano nanunotima Diosima carososiniqe bohonoleta hauema nahiabota yaleta habe nasonoma naquenema atichicoloma mine Iesu Crristo hotosinimite nemoquama naistanimano; caqi olio consagradoma ibinomaqua atichicolomano hacbiyateta naela talacotela: motela queniqe itimileAdan iquimileqe So, this unction is done in three parts due to the three Theological virtues that are instilled in his soul: on the skull so that God may illuminate his understanding and that he know and learn the Faith and keep it; and as William describes it in his sixth book, the soul is married to Jesus Christ, with which unction the soul is enriched and equipped; and the wound on our head is cured and healed and Father Adam. 1612 Bap 3.5Caqi Diosi pahama Iglesiatema, hachaqueneco uquata pona chica? What do you bring into this house of God?g2 p. 49 1:1Confident2whoPending3proheresp. var.caqìcaquiCaqicàqi

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