-nibilanibilavsfximperativequeniniq, mosta nahebanibilaSpeak with respectArte f04 6.3Nulasibota quosonibilamasta ca eatanica mucuqua sobaplato yanqua hechiqe chenehanicale, hetaqere ofonomano, muquata caqi halifila carema nulasibota, chiquosohabela masimala. and they commanded her to eat a plate of meat in front of them, and afterwards to go out to dance and play with the boys.you must fondle them,they said. They said to her "In the presence of us seated thus, you will eat one plate of meat and we will see you, and after you have eaten, you will dance and fondle these youths"Movilla 1635a:f191-193 1.6This affix perhaps carries a sense more like 'you must' than a pure imperative.Probable

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