huqui1hukʷinhombroshoulderCruci qeleninomano, camonoletela, Ite Visama, Qiemate, Spiritu Sancto mate, monoletemano, hecate hue farano beta, silima natuquitonomano, Ite Visama monolete, ofonoma, patasibeta, cumemaqua naisipononomano, Qiemate navisatota nasinola, huquieuabeta qeleta, huqui faranobeta naminosonomano, Espiritu Sancto mate nimobote quenemano,§ The sign of the cross is made, saying, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and at the same time making the signs in the form of a cross, putting the right hand at the forehead when the name of the Father is said, and afterwards, down to the chest when the name of the Son is said, and finally from the left shoulder to the right, when the name of the Holy Spirit is said.Movilla 1635a:f005r-005v 2.1Probablebuqui

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