eheehev1be in debt, oweR Nanacu, ynetitima ynino ynta, nina, ehebama Diosi nate queniqe, ano, manistanima nasinola. Pardon of the debts and mortal sins. Perdon delas penas deuidas por neustros peccados mortales, y veniales. 1612 Cat 2.1Qie| Lapununa marua mima Niña ehebotema nateque niqe nimanisi boni haue, hecate naquimosima nina ehesibotema natequeniqe manistacala, nitolobososini haue.D. It Follows, the fifth request. Meaning, and forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.D. Siguese la quinta peticion que quiere dezir, y perdonar nĩas deudas, asi como nosotros las perponamos a nĩos deudores.MovDoc f 1.1Confident2carry... caballo ehenimichu vtiribota, Luego se apeò de su caballo Rudolfo,He got down from the horse that was carrying himCatEx f2 1.2Riding a horse is expressed in Timucua as 'being carried by the horse', so this verb typically appears in the passive in such contexts.Probabledial. var.eha

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