ofuenoofʷeno1subordconnaftercaqi narutuquanino ofuenoma Iesus Bendito, mine vlequa nema nene sobonihaue.after having been exiled, may we be shown Blessed Jesus, the Lady's child1612 Cat 7.1Acunaquacuquene, nihinima ofuenoiale noletequa, equela nahapumima balutatoconima, naquenela manta bohotecho?And so after his death he was buried and on the third day he came out alive, do you believe this?So too do you believe that after he died and was buried, he resurrected on the third day? Do you believe it so?1612_BAP 2.1Confident2postover, on top ofLeon mocama paqi Barbaria mononco, itimilenota hibatequa maytines ofonoma iniqe enenincono ticopaha iquo inibitileta osobononco maha iribite acoleta ibine ofonoma mitetichu mota mitaqe ano chocolo hebanconoso omotaqe ita itaqe itimileno michunu. In the sea of Lyons on the island of Barbaria, a monk, after having said the morning missa, perceived a vessel which seemed to fly rather than to move on the waters. He heard in it great shouting of people; when the monk inquired with loud voice "who they were?"Conf, 81 1.1Chaquenta Espiritu Sanctoma penani tacachumota Apostolicare chito ofonoma pita ponone?Why does the Holy Spirit come down over the heads of the Apostles resembling tongues of fire?What does is it mean that the over the apostles, the Holy Spirit is painted in the form of fire?MovDoc f 1.1Confident3postabout, concerningDiosi manda hebuanima nahapumima ofuenoma chiyechitala chitaco fiesta equelama caniqueniha manda inihemosi ysote?Concerning the third commandment, I ask you, who is the one who honors the feast days?1612 Cat 1.1Caqi ynta ano namelabuonoleta haue ofuenoma achiechitale.I ask you about the works of compassion.About the works of compassion.1612_CAT 3.1Confidentofonoofotaofuena

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