-qitikitivsfx1if (in hypoth contexts)Nia patabotanaye ichalima taecheqiti cuyumate iyoronamate ubahabetila manda bohobicho bohonolebitila.... have you believed? It must not be believed.Having had intercourse with a woman, have you said and believed that if you enter the fish trap, no more fish or eels will enter? f126 4:1Cani abinoma niye namocosonoleqe abiqiti anoco ni homanisihaue manda bohota quosobi cho?Did you think that in tinging your hat in that intention somebody would get enamored of you (se aficionará)?gI, p. 1 1:1Often seems to show up in contexts discussing possible hypothetical/irrealis consequences of various actions (e.g. smoking 'guano', entering an eel trap after sex ). Arte f113 seems to list it as a synonym of -qi.Confident2so that3if+1sgqity

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