nipita1nipitanbocamouthArte, f33Nipita yarurucatele hebuano yatetaheco honoheno yatetaheco ubueno niyatetaheco mota bohobicho?My mouth trembling is a sign that something bad is going to come to me, that they are saying something about me, or that there is going to be food [have you believed this?] Conf, f1 1.1Anoco niye nipitama echesosichiqe cameta chihomanisi habe areco bicho?Have you put some herb in the mouth of a woman so that she will love you a lot?Conf, f1 1.1Confidentsp. var.nipytanypytanypytanìpìtanìpitanipitapielacomp.nipitapielasp. var.nipita pielanlip

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