ahoteleahotelevtell, boast aboutdecirAndaqua inino isticolebinco cume echeta nacupanamita ano eyomate naahodelesimita isaco manta oro oramobicho?Have you delighted in past sins, remembering about them and even taking the liberty to tell them to others?Conf, f2 1:1Ano hutasininotico vtasininicala mota anoco ahotele sibicho?As dicho anduve con la tal persona mintiendo en ello?Conf, f1 1:1Minecotamano, Caqi, chi ahodeleta tolobosobosiro nimantemano...Son, what I want to say to you...Hijo lo que os quiero dezir ...1627 Cat 1:1Confidentcfahotelesotell, boast about lie (tell an untruth) prognosticate by (animals)?comp. ofahoahodeleahotelecomp. ofahoexpose, reveal open?

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