chiricotʃirikoadjsmallArte, f13; First cat F iiii 'El padre y madre dizen a su Hijo chirico viro, y a a Hija, chirico nia'orobisicare antimichirico care, amuna echeno carema curasibomo hetila, chirico caremano, nihomi orobisicare amuna echeno care curasibomo hetiquenela, §the bigger ones will have a bigger dress, and of more value, and not because of this will the other ones stop being happy, the little ones won't desire the dress of the older ones because it won't fit them nicely.The older ones will not desire the clothing of their little sisters, and the the little ones will not desire the clothing of their older sisters.Movilla 1635a:f035r-035v 3.3Confidentchirìcounspec. comp. formHicachiricohicanprop

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