piratimopiratimovbe great, excessiveAcunaqua yuque ponama processiõ puenamano, aquitasiqe cume nuyachiqelete amuna echenomate, nayochiqeleqe, nia salenomano osococo piratimota, ebelecamimonima, After these came another procession of virgins, all dressed in white, and more beautiful, Tras estas vinia otra procession de Virgines, todas vestidas de blanco, y mas hermosas, MovDoc f 2.3Acu Diosimano, valunuma nohota, chocorinoco nohoniqe, nainoniqitimotema, inonecocoletantilahacu osopiratima, na anoquentala. and I see that God gives me health and strength to work, and thus although I seem to work less, I earn more.y veo que me da Dios salud y fuerzas para trabajar, y assi aunque parece trabajo menos, gano masMovilla 1635a:f173-175 6.2This word is used in the formation of comparatives, usually in combination with the word oso 'more, much'.piratimacomp. ofpira3be insufficient-timopart of several verbs, meaning unclear (perhaps full of, characterized by)?

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