ano1anon1personpersonaAanoco nahebuastechiqua huema hibita cumechipaliqe vna oquoye biturumota yribobi?‎‎Speaking with some person or taking your hand, did some change in the flesh come to you?Hablando con alguna persona o tomandote la mano vinote alguna alteración de la carne?Conf, f157v-158Confidentcomp.anochucuNegrooyoquaanother personyoqua2relativeparienteProbable3chick?Tentativeanopiracomp.anopiranIndianAnopira comeleta niamate nata hibuasi mota viroma nacunata hibuasomata mosobi cho?‎ ‎‎Have you arranged that someone be married according to the Indian way without giving notice to the parish priest?anoyayicomp.anojajin1doctor2strong|rich person

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