te- -mate- -ma1v > ncfxsfxnominalizerAcu naquenema caqi Christiano chieninomabueta atichicoloma chalecota nayo, nayo momonima naquentelemanta bohota iniheti inino atichicolo naisticosotema: habaquana anolesta quosonoletahauema, nahabaqualestahani mantahala motecho?Do you believe that in this holy Sacrament of Baptism, the soul remains clean like the snow, and that you have the obligation to turn away from all sin in order to not dirty the soul again? Do you say that you seek to do so? Crees, que en este sancto Sacramento del Baptismo queda el anima limpia como la nieue, y que tienes obligacion de apartarte de todo peccado, para no tornarla a ensuziar. Dizes que lo procuras assi?1612 Bap 16.1Confident2locative?Examples in the Arte, f38 show that the plural is -tecarema, so this can't be monomorphemic. The first part can't be the present tense, since this nominalizer is mostly on sentences in the past tense.Probabletimatematemacomp.iniheti intemasinner

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