-lenoleno1nPre-determinersfxpredicate nominalCaqi Iesu Christo mano, Diosilenomate virolenomate quenela chimotele Acu Diosima isticoco ininiheti, niniheti quenela mota nachunu, hachaquenta Diosima isticoconta nihinela mante?I say to you that Christ is God and man; this God could not undergo torment or die...Why do you think God underwent torment and died?If Christ is God and a man, and you have said above that God can't suffer or die, how do we say that he has suffered and died?Movilla 1635a:f016v 1.1Probable2v > nsfxabstract nominalizationQuiena naqua quosatiquani nahiabotahache itufa cocolenocote Diosima manetileqe uquileheqete.Son, don't make this ceremony any more, for do what you will, be aware that it will not rain unless God our Lord is served.f150 1.1Nanacu una oquomano utinaleno divinidad muenomacasinta yahota fayela.His body was united with the Godhead itself.g3, p. 4 1.1Probable3nPre-determinersfxdeterminer of some kindConfidentlenalene

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