yabajaban1hechizerosorcererYabamate ysucumate quenequa iyechi nole habema cantela.This is what to be asked of sorcerers and doctorsFor doctors, herbalists, and sorcerersPareja 1613:f148 1.1Chiaba velano chiorobasosiba?Are you a sorcerer (hechizero)?Pareja 1613:f149 1.1Cesario caquenela, motanimano, Christiano, istico [f287] heregeleqe, anoiqùenisibama, etacohabeleta, ibita, tacamichu equetemosonoleqe, yqibota tana minota, yabahebuano, nahebuasta beleqe, hitimano tacamichu iqùisiqe, nacocomanoqere, tana iqiba acoleqe, §Cesario in his history refers to a heretic magician condemned to death, who when they were carrying him to justice, laughed and being close to the fire to be burned, invoked through his magical arts a Demon, who then put out the fire, and then he laughed much more than before.Pareja 1627b:f286v-287r 1.1Confident2ceremony, spell?Probable

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