puquapukʷa1ngroupgrupoConfident2vbe a groupConfident3muchProbablepuqua puquacomp.pukʷa pukʷadial. var.puqua pucasp. var.puquapuquaRedupin abundanceCumepalino lehabemano, caqi inihimale, qibema, Adam, Eua quenema coesa ano siqita, ano nihita, puqua pucamota ano naioco, Francesico, Inglesico, Turcoco, Moroco anopiraco, anochucuco, eyomate quenequa, ano pochata siqita, caqua abosinta, numa aboma, nacumoso habema, Diosima areconiqe intela. So you must know we all descend from these two first married people; Spaniards, French, English, Moors, Indians, y blacks, and all all kinds of people.San Miguelino, Angeli eyopuqua puqua mota, Diosibohota, nacobosota, eatema epabota, Onate Lucifer, ano puquaebelecaco, metenolehety, naquata, yrileta, naputisisinimoqe, §St Michael and the other angels [in abundance] spoke together and gathered [the ones who] believed in and gave [?] God, and said " Indeed, Lucifer's group is great beyond count, [but we must?] fight a war.

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