-lehelehe1nPre-determinersfxubd stemorIyolaco pahaco puenotaheco ayaco alihotaqe nacaquinoleheco maha inininco nahiqe enenoleheco mosima yabisa catala manda bohobicho?When encountering any snake in the road, field, or in the house have you believed it to be a prognostication and a sign of evil? f125 2:1yanacu ano eyoleheco itimilenoleheco mosima toahota nabeta taniohosinlehabemota ohonomano ano nahiaboqe iquiti monoma hecaqua nomosoninoma aninihabeqe namueno lebila.f178 1:2Nia eteminaheco etabalunu isticoso hero manta abotonoleheco yocotimosonoleheco neyecamesonoleheco mosota inihabema naaricosta alisobicho?Have you made to miscarry some pregnant woman with an herb, or a blow, or with fear, or in any manner whatsoever?f210 1:1Acatala ichuninoleheco ibinesa monoleheco eyobetaleheco quenema unamahue nabopolota caquenta ninco manequa nasota nacupanabicho?Sleeping two in a bed or taking a bath, have you touched your sexual organs, saying that in this manner you will do it, and etc.f211 1:1Preceding by a basic noun or a nominalization in -noProbable2vsfxubd stemverbal coordinationsp. var.-lege-lehèleheleele

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