aruquiarukʷiTawasa loókqŭyn1fetus, babyniño, niñaNaribua nihite caremate, aruqi piri nihite caremate alihila nihitecaremate, nabeta aruqileqe naribualeqe hali hilaleqe|| monole haueqe? Declare to me at what age and height will we resurrect, as some die when they are still children, young or old (MovDoc f033v-034r)‎Dezidme por vida vuestra en que edad, y estatura resucitaremos, ya que algunos muerẽ niños, otros moços y otros viejos.Gr. 'father's sister's child; boy, girl' Arte f13, f34 niño2.6.4.1BabyConfident2boyniño (hombre)Gr. 'father's sister's child; boy, girl' Arte f13, f34 niñoConfident3childniñoGr. 'father's sister's child; boy, girl' Arte f13, f34 niñoConfidentcomp.cuyuhasomi aruquiname of a Timucua lineagecuyunuculaharuquiname of a Timucua lineagenuculaha4second cousinprimo segundoTentative5third cousinprimo terceroTentativedial. var.aruqùiaruqûiaruquy

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