-nanonano1vsfxunknown verb suffixNiqiemilebale queniqe, nocomi, amitimale leta, ninibotele, quenemano, hò, manisisinta, nabososinta, cobososinta, quosontanaqeno, mine bendicionima checabopuenta, mosonihauele, namantamaca chisisobotanano. We are his sons and daughters and truly we are siblings, you must not stop wanting to believe that the Lord's blessings will (be) come to you, [when/if?] you love each other, honor each other, and give to each other.1627 Cat 5.6heca anorimatima nanolebalawe are ruined, run down, lowly, useless, without profitProbable2nsfxunknown noun suffixProbable3vsuff:1sg41sgPoss

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