puyapujanvegetable?legumbreItimileno yanqualeta, Zenon monolebinco, eyemita ita itequa, nihobanco nebeleca acolesiqe pataquilotamitequa, pileyanqua enemiqe, pipinopuqua, sandiamate puya eyomate quenesiqe, §The abstinence of St Zenon, who punished a desire to steal. A holy religious man, named Zenon, was coming down the road, exhausted by the heat, and saw a field where there were cucumber and other vegetables, a he thought about taking and eating one to refresh himself."EXEMPLO XX | La abstinencia de S | Zenon, que castigò vn desseo de hurtar | Yendo vn santo Religioso, que llamauan Zenon camino, y fatigado del calor viò vna çabana donde hauia pepinos, y otras legumbres, y por refrescarse iba pensando de tomar vno, y comerle: MovDoc f 1.1Appears only once, in a list with cucumbers and watermelons. Possibly not the generic word for vegetable but name for a particular kind of cool vegetable. from vegetablesHapax Legomenon

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