chacalutʃakalunespina?thorn?Efa mano hachipile, eyoma piatanimano, ayasarulehecote arecati echeta nimano tocopalaco, chacaluco ayeco lotoqe fereqe motecote, haniheti, qè nimisohanima tomo hauemanta chocori, vrubimichuquimosima naquimosimano. When the dog smells another animal, The dog is so heated up with the scent when it smells the prey that it does not delay to run after it, although it is injured with thistles and thorns.Pareja 1627b:f015v-016v 1.1tocopalaco, chacaluco appears to translated 'abrojos y espinas' [thistles and thorns] in the example shown.Probable

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