-nachunatʃuvsfxpast perf?mine hitimano caqueninachu chimasta hauemano yniheti yninomachu[___] yutusubinco vtichaquene taynibinacoco[¿] anona vquale lebinacote equelachaquene caluba ynibinacote ynemi cachiquenechu chimastamoqe §The demons will speak to you and [recount?] the sins you committed in which place and near what and on which day [there was?] punishment, all this they will say to you. the Demons who have been accusing you will particularly give the greatest voice against you, those demons who led you to sin, declaring in which places, and in which houses, and with which people, and in which days you offended God, Lord of divine Majesty. Conf, 38 1.9Confidentnachunu

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