ucuukuvbeberdrinkIqilaba leheco anobale leheco quenema honohenoco ucununco hachibueno istico eyoco quenema isticoleta ano na iqilaboso hemosileqe nahiabota natemanta honoleheco ucunuleheco ano eyobueta naohonoleheco chimosobileheco nacumeleso chiheco maninococoma chiquososiro manibicho yanacu quosobicho?Have you given some herb or other noxious thing to a healthy or sick person to kill him or cause him harm, or have you counseled him or wished him to do such, in his food or drink?Conf, f2 1.1hitima hebuanimano vcunuletaqe ysotala mongecare mavcusubotarano cumehyobotana nantela vcutaqe yano vcutetiletaqe §the devil said 'I use them for drinks. ...causing the monks to drink, tempting them, furthermore, if they don't drinkConf, f3 1.7Confidentvcuveunacunumader.nakunumanglass, drinking instrumentucunu2der.ukunundrink, beverage

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