hitihitin1evil, demonmal, demonioHitima caqi Sacramento na orobininoma isotani ma nahitaqe na anecososiromanetela.‎‎The devil wants to impede the effect of this holy sacrament of communion.Conf, f019-021 (part 1)Confident2devil, demonhitichocolocomp.hititʃokolonevil spiritAnoyahota hitichocolo echeta yribotaqe Itimileno San Francisco, nayaritema nanta vrutuquataqe§ An evil spirit entered and remained in a person and St Francis was passing and they called him to cast it out. (?)From a possessed person, the Devil responded to a minor friar who conjured him, hitiqiricomp.hitikirinbarn owl1.6.1.2Bird

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