*hachihatʃinthingcosacomp.hachicalubocalubonhachisucuchipursesucuchinhachinacachicomp.hatʃinakatʃiv1suffer, lament2call to heaven (of sins)3seize?hachinorococomp.hatʃinorokocfnoroconweaponsNaquenema hachaqueniqe Santa Cruzima hachinorocomito tavquanolete.Because with this holy cross, we take it as a weapon Nanacumine Iesu Christoma anocomile Cruzima vnamiqimaqua, nahibisonta hitima nihamimilebuohauemichu nina huribuononima nanibuisota isonoleqe heca hachinorocomilela.Because in her, Jesus Christ our Lord died with his holy limb stretched out, and his bleeding flesh, and like that during the middle of the day he freed use from our enemies.Hequenacu christianoma hachinoroco milenomano hachibuenoconte.Now what are our Christian weapons?Let us see how what the sign and weapons of the Christian are.hachipilecomp.hatʃipilesp. var.hachìpilenanimalEquela, namarecamima, Viernes equela nante caqi, vtichunco inemima, Dios hulubonta [Folio 30v] ysamolonta, quanuntasiro, maninimano, hachipile inereqe inema siqi habeleta, camontechule.The sixth day, since God wanted to adorn the earth, he said to it, produce and create all the animals, big and small, and then immediately it produced them.

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