ahotelesoahotelesovprognosticate by (animals)?maha nahiabosiro mantetima namucuntema acu Fe muenoma Dios nocomi nabohono lehauema hanta Christianoti vti habaueta mita, nifari abuetilemantema hiqino vohotemate hachipile ahotelesotemate quenema hachibuenocare inemima ine calubuono lehaue yabisacatale manta, bohotemate:and goes among unbelievers, or he that desecrates the church or cross or images of the saints, or any of the other sacred things, or he that believes dreams or signs or birds or fishes, or invokes the Devil and speaks with them in conjuring, he that blasphemes or ... with words or signs or he that grumbles against God or his saints sins against this first commandment to love God over all things1612 Cat 2.3Probablecfahoteletell, boast about lie (tell an untruth) prognosticate by (animals)?comp. ofahoahodeleahotelecomp. ofahoexpose, reveal open?

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