nioconiokovcorrer (en porfía), llevarrun (with determination), carrynioco, to run: charanioqua, the courier or letter or messenger; and so with the rest.Arte, f15, f17, f62; Arte f132 gives plural as oyosininoAbosinino niye uquata naniyocota hachi uquasiromanda naquosobicho?When they are running for some prize or stake, have you made someone faint with some herbs? Conf f148 1:1Apacha niyechieta uquata naniyocota hachi uquasiromanda naquosobicho?Have you taken an herb to run faster than the other in order to take the bet or the prize that they put up?Conf f149 1:1Confidentsp. var.niyococfcharanioquacomp. ofcharanioquanionioquader.niokʷan1carrier(?)2messengercomp.charanioquamessenger, mailchara

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