natenate1coordconnthatConfident2consent (often with hibua)Anopira comeleta niamate nata hibuasi mota viroma nacunata hibuasomata mosobi cho?Did you design that weddings should take place to the benefit of the Indians without giving notice to the priest? [MS 'Have you arranged that someone be married according to the Indian way without first giving notice to the parish priest?]Did you advise that ceremonies should be secret and that the woman should speak (her consent) and then that the man should speak (his consent)?f184, g3 1:1Probable3pardon (often with mani)Nate nimanisinihaue.Pardon me. [Perdoneme, v.m.]Arte f45 2:1Confident4vgreet (with hiocomo)natanãtenaatenatiNate

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