bisatobisatov1call uponNaquenemano mine Diosi somy aquitasiqe Santa Maria nabisa tota nitamalosibo haue And in this same way, we invoke in the confession the mother of God, the Virgin Mary...And in this same way, we will call upon and entreat the Virgin Mary, mother of God.Crucichieta Iesus, bisama visatota quostaqe purucufiqe; masinima acu hibacote chuquoqe §from which the devout sinner defended herself with the virtue of the holy Cross and the most holy name of Jesus.She made the sign of the cross and called up on the name of JesusNaquentaqe entahanaye Jesus motabisato tachiqe chi ibalu hauele chilarahaue quenela.When you find yourself in similar distress, call the holy name of Jesus, and Jesus will help you.Confident2give nameAcu nahacu Dios vtinama, Adan isinimano, hachipile carema, bisatohache masiqe ...And so when God said to Adam 'Name the animals'...Yten, quando Dios dixò à Adan que les impusiesse no<m>bres â los animales...Confidentcomp. ofvisa*tovisa

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