*utiutinrevered, noble person= or thing (component of several words)utichucucomp.utitʃukunmerits, behalf... caqua vtichucuma ysota alihonima bueta ninachristiano leqestala.... (but) because he did these merits, (this) made me a Christian.Because neither by own merits, nor those of my father, nor those of my mother, nor those of any pure creature am I a Christian, but instead through the goodness and mercy of God, and the merits of Jesus Christ our Lord.utitimacomp.utitimavshow reverenceOna nubuatimasta utitimasta atichicolonimi una oquonimi quenequa naiameta nubatimasta eteninolehabuele, § ‎‎Con reverencia de Cuerpo y Alma, por que del hubimos las cosas, y la mesma reverencia y honra se deve al Sacramento del Altar, donde esta Dios verdaderamente. Atichicolo nemoquama na Itimilenoletema hubuasota nabosota nubatibasibota, vtitimasta aboquata quosobicho?Have you shown reverence and loved the spiritual fathers of your soul as ought to be done?utinaunspec. comp. formutinasp. var.vtynan1God 2LordUtinamocharraunspec. comp. formnpropname of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a placecomp.Niaautinania

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