miricamirikaquanttodoallNaquene mano, Rey caremate, caqi vtichucu ano miticamate, suluquita chumosiletela. So kings and all people of this earth are like ants.Movilla 1635a:f015r-015v 2.7Elamano anomirica carososi botelahacu anocote paha oyo echeta ucuchuacare quachabosota homonincono, mine iquimileqe caro echesihetila §Take the example of one who has worked much, and with his sweat and labor earned a lot of money to pay all the debts of the city and put it in a bank so it could be given to all those who filled out his [?], in this way there could be no doubt that he would have satisfied on his part for all, and with all that might happen, that many would remain in debt, without wanting to be, or through misadventure or other cause go to call the police, and carry it to the bank to take the money.The sun illuminates (causes to be clear) all people, but if any person enters in house and shuts all the doors, it is that person's fault that he will not be illuminated (enter clear).Movilla 1635a:f017r-017v 2.1Confidentmitica

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