acu2akun1luna, mesmoon, monthGatschet has acuhiba. Arte has acuAra uque naponaye cuyuhanta acuhiba meteta minoqe henolebinco, hehanimota mosobi cho?Anointing your own hair with bears' grease (azeye de oso) did you think it sinful to eat fish for so and so many moons?f133; gI var.acùacu ibacomp.aku ibanmonth...acu iba piqichamosihomoqe, hitima cumepalino istico, naminosoqe, habitoma hanisiromanta §...but at seven months, the Devil tempted him so much that he wanted to give up the monk's habit.qùiribaquocomp.kʷìribakʷonMarchAcu nacu, Diosima, asoma equelama aye carema, chio asostemaqua, Acuma qùiribaquo mes de (Março monoma) pale palemosota hica chio monomate, equelachico, chiqequa mate quenequa, IESVS de Nazareth, chio acomaleta, chionaba bitaletequa, [Fol 85v following] aruquilesiromanda, tana tacu tacumota pale palemosotantela.and in the time that the trees begin to flower or produce flowers, which was the 25th of March.

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