maqemake1nvenenopoisonAnoquela sulu vrutema caqi hiti iyolaribe inibeqe maqemima, inemi ninapalenta, nima qesobota ninbotechunu caqi maqemabeta pecado original. It goes with the veins of the descendents, this evil serpent's ... poison, we all inherit it, it poisons us; this poison is original sin.1627 Cat 1.14yyolaribeco, yyolayorabaco, vtimalaco, fechenico, yyolapiraco, elatubasaco, yyola yoquacareco quenema nìchicobotema, mine, maqemima, nyyquentamala? Serpents and vipers and poisonous snakes and fecheni snakes, red snakes and elatubasa snakes and other snakes bite us and their poison kills us.why did he create the animals that bite us and kill us with their venom, like serpents, vipers, and snakes?1627 Cat 4.2Confident2vestar envenenadobe poisonedAlways with the causative to give the transitive 'poison'Probable

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