mosomoso1vdoConfidentcomp.istitimoso2vdo (coordinate actions), do both When used in this sense, there are generally two or more actions with final -ta suffixes3vbelieveConfident4vadvise/sayConfident5vappearConfident6vbehaveConfident7vcauseProbable8vrelative clause head?Tentative9coordconncoordinateNia etemi naheco etabalunu isticosohero manda abotono leheco yocotimosono leheco mosota ynihauema na aricosta alihobicho?Have you made a pregnant woman miscarry by hitting her, giving herbs, frightening her, or in another way?As hecho mal parir a alguna muger preñada con golpe, yerba, o con espanta o de otro modo?Conf, f1 1.1When this means 'or', the preceding noun or nouns have the -co suffix.10after reduplication11vbe ablemosmosa

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