-co4ko1Redup > adjsfxsuffix on adjectival preds2v(component of several verbs)cfiso2istico-tibalococomp.balokovunknown verb (be glorified, be rewarded?)barabiricocomp.barabirikovdestroy, annihilate?haracocomp.harakovspeak disrespectfully, swear falselyherecocomp.herekovlook at with evil eye? menace?ipococomp.ipokocfipo1v1bleed, cause blood to flow2pour outisacocomp.isakoadjhappy, delight merococomp.merokocfmero merov1be lukewarmNanacu caqi iniheti ofenoqua ininomano atichicolomano yquentetilahacu maha yqilabuosota merocosotela.El que aunque no mata el alma, la entibia y enferma.2be unenthusiastic, dilatorymilicocomp.milikov1lightningsp. var.milica2be lustrouspalucucomp.palukudial. var.paloquaCreek piŋká:litvfearNaqueniqe, cahelele vocole minecotamano Dios ano Paloqualenoma nante. So the first step of the ladder is called fear of God.qilicocomp.kilikovrageyuricocomp.jurikovangry

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