bacabaka1adjnew, youngTapola bacaqe aya hono tocaco tocoqe uquaca ano misoma hetetileta heqeqere henolehabela motabi cho?Did you forbid to eat of the new maize or other new fruit, before the conjurer has tasted it?Conf f18 1.1Tapolobaca qibema ituhusuta hebi cho?Did you cause prayer over the new corn and (then) did you eat?Conf, f1 2.1Acu niauaca yanqua nate sanctaleta, Obispo Andres, inoseleta hibabila. A young woman lived as a worker for that holy Bishop Andres.And an adult woman, honest, and as saintly as he was served himMovDoc f 1.2Often seems to modify tapola 'corn'Confident2vbe firm, determined (with cume)Probablesp. var.uaca

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