pilupilu1vreturnvolverArte, f130 pilunu 'volber del camino; hono pilunu vomitar'Confident2adjupsetArte, f130 pilunu 'volber del camino; hono pilunu vomitar'Confident3vbe thirstytener sedNaiuchami vna oquo ynenafaramitilenomano ibine pilunuma nantqe vna oquo inihaue namelabuota, ynino nayuchami ininomano ibine pilema ibine veusunuma arata na tana yohonoma nantela. The second misery is to be thirsty, this will help with the second work of compassion, which is to to give drink to the thirsty. Matt. 10. Anyone who gives a cup of cold water, will not lack a reward in Heaven. La segunda miseria es tener sed, esta se socorre con la segunda obra de misericordia, que es dar de beber al sediento, Math 10 Cualquiera que diere un jaro de agua fría, no carecerá de galardron en el Cielo. Pareja 1612:f142v-143r 3.1The 'thirsty' sense of the word seems to require ibine 'water' before piluConfidentcomp.ibinepilunuthirst

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