ysi eyeisi eyenveinvenaano ysi ypoconihabemano ysucu ysi, ipocono, terusu hemosiqetanimano ysioyema nahiabota cantenomanta ypocohabe naqebimichuqui mosimano hecate naquosonta habemano caqi ysi eyemano, nipitama nantaqe yniheti yninomile nipitama naypocotana orobininoma nantela,§ A person who is to be bled [seeks] a doctor who bleeds well and who knows the vein...This vein is like [lit. called] the mouth and our sins flow from the mouth and this is called confession.naquenema terunuma natacuba anoletemano, nipita mitilamano ysi oyechietamala ysimano yniheti yninomante ysucu ysi ypocotemano Itimileno ano orobotemante quentela naquenole orobininiqe ysi ipocono terusachu mosota yniheti yninomile, ano orobono terusu habele caqi yniheti yninomanoquasilifale hecho nuuobole hecho quene poquatilenimano hibuata, yhubitequa lutunimaqua tapoti mota soto tomonole bimichuqui mosimano, caqi ysi, nacaricarimamano, yniheti yninoma nantela naquenema, §And so the good judge says... the mouth...is a vein. The doctor who bleeds away sin is surely the priest confessor. Being confessed is causing the blood to flow, and the one who will confess our sinscomp. ofisi1bloodeyestreet, roadisi1

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