paca1pakavcurar, bendecirheal, blessObispo manacu taeyo timosota tanapacata nachocorisota olioma silima ibisota istanimano. These words that the priest says here, the Lord Bishop orders and confirms them on the forehead:1612 Bap 5.2Acueyo caremate qebanta hiquinemano honihe ebenonihioqe hachaquenisti mantaniqeta canahaue niyenabalunucaarema nihiomita nasonema Sacramento minecota areconemano ysamolota anolenoma ofuenoma ninapacasta ninachocorisonolehaue mantemano Confirmacionima otros mucho me proveistes; para que assi como eran muchas mis necessidades y dolencias; assi fuessen muchas vuestras medecinas y remedios. Un sacramento ordenastes, para que de nuevo me reengendrasse.First Ca 8.1Quenele honihete Diosi vtina nemoqua mimate anochicobacarema sanctos Apostolos San Pedro, San Pablo mate heca ysomile Sancta Madre Iglesia Catholica, quenemaqualeqe, caqi Sacramentoma chihecaba chieyasisobota chinapacasibota, chynanycotosisobole † Dios Itimi visama. Well on behalf of God Almighty, and the Blessed Apostles - Saint Peter and Saint Paul, and our Holy Mother Church, I ye wed, and this Sacramento between you I confirm. In the Name of the Father. & c.1612 Bap 9.1que nemaqualeqe, caqi Sacramentoma chihecaba chieyasisobota chinapacasibota, chynanycotosisobole. On behalf of this, I marry you and confirm the sacrament for you.Conf, f2 1.2Precise gloss is slightly uncertain, but the word describes a beneficial result of baptism, confirmation, marriage, and confession. It is often paired with the word chocoriso 'save'.Probable

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