icaika1fightlucha, peleaIteye ycasinibicho?Have you quarrelled with your father? (Conf, f138)As reñido a tu padre?Gr. ica 'dispute, quarrel, fight' Arte, f127 reñirConfident2vquarrelrenir, pelearGr. ica 'dispute, quarrel, fight' Arte, f127 reñirConfidentcfeca1icatocomp.ikatodial. var.icatucfiquatuvdisobeyDiosimano Adam, Cume yquosota lèqe cume bacasotalèqe quene, ofuenoma masinimano Adam hachaquaniqe honihebuanona ycatubicho? After having consoled Adam, he asked him "Why did you disobey my word?"

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