Timucua - English


ypitajpitasp. var. ofipitaflour?
ypunujpunusp. var. ofipunulance, spear
yqejkesp. var. ofiqemud ground, soil
yqicomiquajkikomikʷanfriend, allyobedientes Ocotota, cocolemaca, chiahosibohale, caqi hachipile toomanco, yqicomiqua, Anochicotaleta, heca, ninihauema, Diosi arecontechulahacu,Listen carefully and I will explain it to you. God made them to be our friends and allies. I will tell you; listen with attention. Know that they were obedient to our Father Adam before he sinned and broke the law of God, and thus they were made disobedient ...R. Yo os los declararè oyd con atencion. Sabed, que à nuestro Padre Adan estauan obedientes antes que pecara, quebrantò la ley de Dios, y aßi se hizieron inobedientes,...1627 Cat 4.4nano yqicomiqua chinahyabota qiti nianochicota yalenima chinahyabota habela naqueniqe yniheti ynino yechamanta yntanabalunule habetorolaha equelama canahomala antabualuta nayequa naquosochiqe mohelahacu nachiquosatileqe mine Diosi vtinama naquenihabele moqe honi henuruta mihanaielamasta§ “Who am I?” he [the man] responded, “Later you will know it has been years since I met you, and you are my friend, and I do not cut short [?] the time to mend your ways and pain yourself of your evil life, so you refused to do it. Already the just Judge has the given sentence for you [that] you are to come with me, and in my company you will dwell forever,Conf, f8 1.8Given once as a synonym of anochicota, the more usual word for 'friend' Probable
yqilauajkilauasp. var. ofiqilabasick
yqilijkiliv1unknown verb2purify, clean?sp. var.iqiliyqùile
yqilinijkilinisp. var. ofiqilinido immediately?
yquilabajkʷilabasp. var. ofiqilabasick
yqùilejkʷ̀ilesp. var. ofyqili
yquilonojkʷilonosp. var. ofiquilonoin-law (not related)unspec. var. ofiquilonoin-law (not related)
yquilujkʷiludial. var. ofquiluclean, sweep close (a house)?
yquìnejkʷìnesp. var. ofiquinibreast, mother
yqùojkʷ̀osp. var. ofiquolarge mortal (of sin)
yquo tisijkʷo tisisp. var. ofhyquotisibe thankful, grateful
yqùosojkʷ̀ososp. var. ofiquosohonor, praisecomp. of-soiquoba
yquotimojkʷotimosp. var. ofhiquotimomarvel, be amazedcomp. of-timo
yquòtimonojkʷòtimonodial. var. ofhiquotimonomiraclecomp. ofhiquotimo-no1 1
yqûotimonojkʷôtimonodial. var. ofhiquotimonomiraclecomp. ofhiquotimo-no1 1
yquotisijkʷotisidial. var. ofhyquotisibe thankful, grateful
yqùotisijkʷ̀otisisp. var. ofhiqùotisimarvel?sp. var. ofhiquotisihyquotisibe thankful, grateful
Yquynejkʷinesp. var. ofiquinibreast, mother
yribota hebanojribota hebanonsermoncomp. ofiribo-ta1hebua-no1
yrihibanojrihibanonpropname of a Timucua clanReferenced in the First Catechism, I2
ysahyojsahjodial. var. ofisahioglorifycomp. of*isahio
ysaisajsaisasp. var. ofisa isabeautifulcomp. of*isa