Timucua - English


Ybichuanpropname of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a placeibi1chuaibi1
ybine molajbine molasp. var. ofibinemolawinecomp. ofibinemolaibinemolawinecomp. ofibinemola
ybine tocosonojbine tokosonosp. var. ofibine tocosonowater wheelcomp. ofibinetoco1 2-so 1-no1 1
ybisojbisodial. var. ofibisoannoint?sp. var. ofibisono
ybisonojbisonosp. var. ofibisono
Ybiuronpropname of a Timucua cacique9.7.2Name of a place
Yca Patanonpropname of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a place
ycachejkatʃesp. var. oficachestop, ceaseunspec. var. oficachestop, ceasestop, cease
Ycafuinpropname of a Timucua province9.7.2Name of a place
ycapujkapuvunknown verbHapax Legomenon
ychicojtʃikosp. var. ofichicobite, strikeunspec. var. ofichicobite, strike
ychicosajtʃikosasp. var. ofichicosa
ychitoitʃitosp. var. ofichitobeginbegin
ycho orobejtʃo orobenworm?Probablecomp. oficho1orobeicho1
ychujtʃusp. var. ofichuput on the ground
ychumoitʃumosp. var. ofichumobe friend/companion of?unspec. var. ofichumobe friend/companion of?be friend/companion of?
-yeje1nPossessor 1sfx2s poss 'your'Confident2vPeriphrasis suffixes 1sfx2nd singular subject agreement, periphrasticProbable
yelojeloadjfrozenheladosyntorobo 1Listed as a synonym of torobo, but possibly this is a variant spelling of the Spanish word hielo, misinterpreted as a Timucua word.
-yenojenonsfx2pl poss 'your (pl)'Probable
yerebajereban1metal, ironmetal, peso del hierroArte, f8 yereua, Arte f15Confident2weightpesoArte, f8 yereua, Arte f15Confidentyerebanayocomp.jerebanajonsilver
yereba nalijereba nalisp. var. ofyerebanaligoldcomp. ofyereba 1nali
yerebanalijerebanalingoldsp. var.yereba nalicomp. ofyereba 1nali
yerebanayojerebanajonsilverProbablecomp. ofyerebanayo
yerocojerokovunknown verbdial. var.iyeroco
ygiribojgiribosp. var. ofihiribostand stand next to?dial. var. ofiribo