Timucua - English


toco2tokonunknown fish or water animalheca, ninapichibota sontela caqi, ibine oyoma, cuyu, inereqeine homama, arecota, vchuco, siacatoco, ytorico chayoco, aquatiro l cunachuaco, chayoco abayco, caracasico, tanitoco, echacaco tococo. He provides us with fish in this water, and finished making the whale, the siacato, the alligator, the chayo, the aquatiro or cunachua, the chayo, the abay, the corvina, the tanito, the mullet, and the toco.1627 Cat 1.3This animal appears on a list of sea creatures. animalsConfident
tocòtokòsp. var. oftoco1expose come out exceed? happen, occur
Tocoayanpropname of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a place
Tocobaganpropname of a Timucua province9.7.2Name of a place
tocopalatokopalanthistle?abrojo?Efa mano hachipile, eyoma piatanimano, ayasarulehecote arecati echeta nimano tocopalaco, chacaluco ayeco lotoqe fereqe motecote, haniheti, qè nimisohanima tomo hauemanta chocori, vrubimichuquimosima naquimosimano. The dog is so heated up with the scent when it smells the prey that it does not delay to run after it, although it is injured with thistles and thorns.El perro tanta se enciende con el olfato quando huele la caça, que no repara en el yr corriendo tras de ella, aunque se lastime en abrojos y espinas. CatEx 01 1.1Probable
tocotimatokotimavexceedcomp. of-timo
Tocoynpropname of a Timucua settlement9.7.2Name of a place
tohototohototohorov1touch, fondle?Probable2perch on? Tentative
tolatolanlaurellaurelTolapataficomp.tolapatafinpropname of a Timucua town
Tolapatafitolapatafinpropname of a Timucua townThe town was called San Matheo de Tolapatafi. Tola means 'laurel'; the meaning of Patafi is unknown.comp. oftola
tolobatolobaadjopenConfidenttolobosocomp.tolobosov1exposeMinecotama chinapaqebinco tolobosohache.Say (lit. “reveal”) first that which you had forgotten.2show3explain, declare
Tolomatonpropname of a Timucua or Guale town9.7.2Name of a place
tolotimotolotimovhit?dar un golpe?Tentativecftoloto
tolototolotovstrike, hitOccurs twice in a passage where Moses strikes a rock with a rod and water comes out.cftolotimo
tolotolotolotoloRedupunknown redup (openly?)Tentative
tomahaputomahapudial. var. oftumahaputhirtycomp. oftumahapu2
tomotomovunknown verb (hasten, hurry?)Tentative
Tomolecomponent of a mission name9.7.2Name of a place
tomotitomotiv1 comfort? speak out? show?consolar, hablar francamente,Iesu Christo Dios anocomile caqi vti chucuma, erotumahapuqe ha pichiqe hotequa hebano tera ecabota, hiquotimono caremate isota, valunu nanemi eyemaqua, nina tomotisobota mosontequa, iniheti inino toroqua inetacubati acola hacu, Pilatoholataleta, abotosota, nihihaue masiqe, crucima nacaconoleta nihinela, christiano sancto teracare, camobinco yalemala.and it sum it is that Christ, after having spent time in the world, about thirty three years, and having taught the road of health with his most holy life, with his doctrine and miracles, was by Pontius Pilato, who was then governor of Judea, unjustly whipped and nailed to a cross, on which he died, and was buried by some holy men.y en suma es que Christo despues de aver conversado en el mundo, cerca de treinta y tres años y de aver enseñado con su sanctissima vida, con su doctrina y milagros el camino de la salud, fue por Poncio Pilato, que entonces era governador de la Iudea, injustamente açotadao, y enclavado en una Crua, en la qual murio, y por unos sanctos hombres, fue sepultado.MovDoc f 3.2Probable2confessTentativesp. var.tomotì
tomotìtomotìsp. var. oftomoti comfort? speak out? show? confess
-tonotononsfxhis (honored)Probable
toomatooma1postafterNaquentemabetaleqe isticoco intahachi naramino toomaletema, euenohionoco quentema, mine Diosi anocomilequa, behemita nabohomita quosonoletaqe minequa maniqe balunuleqe motema balunumate nihinomate minequa yaijla, quenele ‎‎(1612 Baptism f15v-20r)‎‎Thus, with all these eternal torments and disease, we must hope and believe in God, our lord; he is the lord of life and death; he is strongArte, f17. Pareja gives lots of meaning for this wordConfident2prothose whoArte, f17. Pareja gives lots of meaning for this wordConfident3quantallArte, f17. Pareja gives lots of meaning for this wordConfident4nedge, limitborde, limiteArte, f17. Pareja gives lots of meaning for this wordConfident5vsizzle, bubblecrepitar borbotearArte, f17. Pareja gives lots of meaning for this wordConfident
toponotoponopostduring, in the middle ofmedio...yuquemitequa minalahacu Missatopono minala, § But the other one arrived late in the middle of the mass....mas llego tarde a media missa. MovDoc f 5.1Though this word only appears once in the corpus, its position after Missa makes its meaning fairly clear.Confident Hapax Leg.