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tarinatarinavwitnesstestigoNayuchamima anotarinanino acunapaloco sonino aco naini himile lenoleheti. The second, by making the marriage contract has witnesses, and especially that the own Curate or rector, or parish priest is found, or how we wanted to name him. La segunda, que al hacer el contrato del Matrimonio haya testigos, y especialmente que se halle el proprio Cura, ò Rector, ó Parroco, ò como quisieremos nombrarle. MovDoc f 3.3Probable
tarisotarisovstrengthenProbablecomp. oftari-so 1tari
taritariadjbe strongArte f12, Gr. tari 'substain, strength, force, strong; worker, laborer'Confidenttarisocomp.tarisovstrengthen
tariticataritikaRedupfrighteningIudiomichu oto oyococo fata istamonima, imemi ocotoqe eneboqe niosetecotacu, palocoba acoleta fata tariticatela...The Jew was in a corner, hearing and seeing all of it with the greatest fear. El Iudio estava en un rincon, con grandissimo miedo, viendolo, y oyendolo todo: MovDoc f 3.1Hapax Legomenon
-tarutaruvsfxdesired outcomeProbable
tasitasiputponerChabeta tasihano?Donde o en que lo he de poner?Arte f14 11.1Probable
-te1tenPost-determinersfxcontrastive focus markerHecate naquimosima, nina ehesibotema, natequeniqe manista nicala hachoncomota isino?Why does one add: Just as we forgive our debtors?Porque se añade: Asi como nosotros las perdonamos a nuestros deudores?MovDoc f 1.1 "hote Christianotila hacu naquosoqi mãta ni Crus qelenta fatecotacu, huba misinomabeta necaheti" mota He said "I am not a Christian, but I want to do this and make the sign of the Cross, because otherwise I cannot sleep from fear' el tambien aunque no era Christiano se persignò: mas con el miedo que tenia no podia dormir...MovDoc f 1.5Iudio anoyayi caremichu, Longino iribota hebata Christiano puqua arecobotanima nahiabotaqere Pilato, lapusimonima soldadcare misoboniqe Longinote, soldadomicarema, iquenibomohaue masimoqe naquosala. When the chief Jews knew what had happened, and what Longinus had preached, and that he had made so many Christians, they asked Pilate to send soldiers to kill Longinus [and his soldiers], and the governor did it, and send three or four soldiers.Sabiendo los principales Iudios lo que pasava, y que Longinos predicava, y hazia tantos Christianos, pidieron a Pilato que embiase soldados a matarle, hizole assi el Governador, y embió allà tres o quatro soldadosMovDoc f 5.1Confident-cotecomp.kotesfx1and also... hiquema Apostoles caruma nantamonimano yayicote yayititicote yquobacote qichicote nahiaba acocote nuyaacote quelamanisomoqe natooma himala. ... in these waters the Holy Apostles, fished for the old and the young who were learned and ignorant. (I will turn the desert into pools of water; and at land's end, water in the stream of waters?) 2exclamative suffix (what a ...!)-matecomp.matesp. var.-matè1sfxandIbirita cuyumate honoso henomate quene inti uquabi cho?Did you [not-AB] eat any fish or deer-meat during the catamenia?Una caremaqua hachibueno, care nayalacota, caque nihaue yatala muenomate isticoqe namota bohonole bitima chisisotamano bohatiquani hach(e?).All these things, all these abuses, the tremblings of the body, the omens form the birds, from the beasts, nothing of them must be believed in.Mine (h)achibueno tera inemi naya iynomate, graciamate nacumotaqe iyenotima; nocomi Dios-isomima nantela.Some great queen, rich in all virtues and graces; the true mother of God she is called.Dios itimi, Dios qiemima Jesu Christo nante, Espiritu Santomate.God father, God's son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.Ano qiemamate Diosi? (And) is the father God? Quiemilenomate Diosi?Is the son God?2vsfxand (verbal)3non-coord mate
te- -mate- -ma1v > ncfxsfxnominalizerAcu naquenema caqi Christiano chieninomabueta atichicoloma chalecota nayo, nayo momonima naquentelemanta bohota iniheti inino atichicolo naisticosotema: habaquana anolesta quosonoletahauema, nahabaqualestahani mantahala motecho?Do you believe that in this holy Sacrament of Baptism, the soul remains clean like the snow, and that you have the obligation to turn away from all sin in order to not dirty the soul again? Do you say that you seek to do so? Crees, que en este sancto Sacramento del Baptismo queda el anima limpia como la nieue, y que tienes obligacion de apartarte de todo peccado, para no tornarla a ensuziar. Dizes que lo procuras assi?1612 Bap 16.1Confident2locative?Examples in the Arte, f38 show that the plural is -tecarema, so this can't be monomorphemic. The first part can't be the present tense, since this nominalizer is mostly on sentences in the past tense.Probableiniheti intemacomp.iniheti intemansinner
-techutetʃuvsfx1 perfectArte, f15Confident2remote pastConfidentcf-tanchu
-tecotekovsfx1unknown verb suffixtypically on a complement clause that expresses a desired outcome, like 'would that'. Examples in the Arte, f8 suggest a present tense relative clause 'the one who Vs'Confident2before -tacu in comparativesIn this sense, -teco seems to be the same as the sequence -ta-hecoConfident3relative clause (indef)In this sense, this seems like an indefinite counterpart to the more common -te...ma sequence on relative clauses. It often occurs near the existential nahi, with a sense like 'Does a person who ... exist?' or 'Is there a person who...' Confident
Teleconpropname of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a place
telequetelekʷenback, side
-tenotenoclause-final verb suffixFound on some affirmative clauses, possibly an emphatic; possibly showing certainty about past events.Probable
-tentetentedial. var. of-tante
Teologalasteologalassp. var. ofTheologalestheological
-tequatekʷa1vsfxso that2vsfxbecause3vsfxwhen4if one coulddial. var.-tèqua
-tèquatèkʷadial. var. of-tequaso that because when if one could
terateraadjgoodArte, f43 'beautiful, pretty, attractive, polite [polida], good and healthy thing'. Also lists teru as an alternativeConfidentibineteraholy wateribinenhachibueno teracomp.hatʃibʷeno teranmeritineteraticomp.ineteratinevil deedisono teracomp.isono teranbenefitteratider.teratinsin, bad thing
terabaterabadial. var. ofterarabaexcellent?
terarabaterarabaadjexcellent?Probabledial. var.teraba
teratiteratinsin, bad thingder. oftera-ti
terateraadjgoodArte, f43 'beautiful, pretty, attractive, polite [polida], good and healthy thing'. Also lists teru as an alternativeConfidentibineteraholy wateribinenhachibueno teracomp.hatʃibʷeno teranmeritineteraticomp.ineteratinevil deedisono teracomp.isono teranbenefitteratider.teratinsin, bad thing
terciopeloterkiopelon*velvet*terciopeloBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed