Timucua - English


tanetaneRedupgentle, patient?This word describes a psychological virtue of Jesus and Mary. It is often after the word cume 'heart'Tentative
-tanincotaninkovsfxas if (subjunctive?)Nicumele-tanincoComo yo quisiereArte, f103Confident
tanitotanitonunknown fish or water animal1.6.1.5Water animalsConfident
-tantatantavsfxandative?yqilabo-tanta-habelaya anda enfermoArte, f110Probable
-tantetantevcomps attached to tensed verbsfx1perhaps?2reportedlydial. var.-tente
tapatapa1adjthinArte, f31Confident2adjlow, despicableArte, f31Confident3ncrack, break?Tentative
tapalitapalivunknown verb
tapolotapoloTawasa chesapàncornmaíz
taqebosotakebosovverb of unknown meaningHapax Legomenon
taqitaqi1takitakiRedupsound of thunderdial. var.taqitaqi2
taqitaqi2takitakidial. var. oftaqitaqi1
taquatakʷavbecome?Piqicha iyoquamano mine Iesu Christo, vna oquomile taquata nocomicoco Diosileta anoleta, mosonima nantela. The other seven pertain to the humanity of Jesus Christ, truly God1612 Cat 1:2Probable
tarabotarabovsmotherAcatala fano isticosota aruquico, iquine natarabosota chiqe nihibi?By lying badly across the bed and putting your arm on top, have you suffocated the unborn child?Conf, f1 1.1Appears only twice, both times in the context of smothering a child, and used with the causative affix -so.Probable
Taraconpropname of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a place
tarecanitarekanivbe patientConfident
taritariadjbe strongArte f12, Gr. tari 'substain, strength, force, strong; worker, laborer'Confidenttarisocomp.tarisovstrengthen
Tarinpropname of a river9.7.2Name of a place
tari tari1tari tariRedupstronglyProbable
tari tari2tari tariRedupbe strong
Tarihicacomponent of a mission name9.7.2Name of a place