Timucua - English


ta=ta1prtaway from the speakerConfident2prtreverse actionConfident3prtinto water?Tentative4againProbable5prtdown
-tatavParticiplesfx1part2follows -hanima3presenttedasp. var.-tocomp.yribota hebanosermon
taca1taka1nfirefuegoâ, Pahaye lechu tacala.Oh, how sorry I am that your house has burned. ‎‎áy, como me pesa que se quemó tu casa(Arte f025)Confident2vburnProbableCr/S totka; Al/K tikba; Ct tikbichi 'poke the fire'. {Pam suggests that these contain 'tree' plus a word like 'make' or 'burn'. I'm not sure about that.} Tawasa tútcah (Tawasa looks like it is possibly borrowed from Creek.)comp.amaratacacandle, torchamarataca timeburned out candle/torch
taca2nspouseThis is the reciprocal term. The usual word is inihiConfidentcfinihispouse
taca chutaca čuncoalcarbonTacachuleheco, qisaleheco, ulipassaleheco queneheta, ibiqitaleheco, hibeleco quenema iparubi cho?Did you eat any coal, dirt, or broken pottery, or fleas or lice?Conf, f1 1.1Probable
tacarovunknown verb
-tacutakuvsfx1ifProbable2but (on first part of comparatives)Probable
tacu tacutaku takuadvwell-doneArte f118v "...pues juntase este verbo mono con tacubono que es venir justo, y assi dize: tacutacu motela 'bien dice aqui, nacido o pintado biene paraqui, parece se corto o hizo a medida a esto'Confident
tacubatakuba1vjudgeConfident2njusticejusticiaConfident3adjjustProbable4adjcorrect5vfit (of clothes)Confidenttacubuotacubotacubuacomp.utima natacuboutajurisdiction (juyzio)
tacuosovprovide, give?Tentative
tafitafin1husband's brother; brother-in-lawhermano del esposo; cuñado4.1.9KinshipConfident2in-law (related)cuñados4.1.9KinshipConfident3opposite sex in-laws (reciprocal term)4.1.9KinshipConfidentcfatafiaged, old, maturetasidial. var.tafuiBROTHER (w.s.). Cr łaha 'older same-sex sibling', OS łaha 'older same-sex sibling'; Mk łakf- 'opposite sex sibling' (B); Al in-ła:kfi (L), -łakfi (H), K łakfo:si (K, S); Ct I-nakfi, Cs I-nakfi'. (MJ nakfi.) [Cf. also SISTER (m.s.). Although the Ct/Cs words look formally and semantically similar to MALE, the cognates suggest the Ct/Cs n's have different sources.]
tafimitatafimitanhusband's brotherhermano del esposoPending
tafuitafuidial. var. oftafihusband's brother brother-in-law
tahatahavunknown morph (pardon?)Tentative
-tahanimatahanimavsfxbeing like this/as if/even ifChicumele-tahanimaComo tu quisieres o te parciereDiscussed at Arte, f103Confident
taimataimavmiss, lackHachaquentana missama taymotama?Why did you miss the mass? | Porque faltan de missa?Arte f 131. Said to be a (dialect?) variant of chebe; Gr. 'fail, lack, vanish'Confidenttaymotaymasp. var.taimo
taimosp. var. oftaimamiss, lack
taiquenitaikwenivaborttayquentayquenicomp. ofiquenikill defeatta=away back into water? again
talabovput in mouth?Tentative
talacatalacaadjrichConfidentcftalaco1possessdial. var.taleca