Timucua - English


salalacasalalaka1Redup AdjslitherSpecialSpecial word types2vflowProbablecfselelecaslither?falalaca
saliqisalikinkidney beanfrijol rojoArte, f9; Gr. 'beans'Confident
salobasalobanbeeabejaConfidentcomp.saloba vque
saloba vquenhoneymielcomp. ofsalobabeeuque1greasesp. var.saloba ùque
samosamovbatheInifaye chi haniqe viromaqua niponosihero manda, niye nisamosono-lehaue mota bohobi cho?After your husband had left you, did you bathe in the juice of herbs, thinking that he would then return to you?f133; gI, p. 13,Confident
samolosamolovwrap up (the dead)?Possibly this is the same as isamolo 'wash', and the texts that use this word refer to washing the dead rather than wrapping the dead
San Agustinsan agustinnprop*St AugustineBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
San Antonio de Paduasan antonio de paduanprop*St Anthony of Padua*San Antonio de PaduaBorrowed from SpanishBorrowedSan Antoniosp. var.S Antonio
sanctasanktasp. var.Sãctasactodial. var. ofsantosaint holyholy
sanctissimosanktissimosp. var. ofsantissimo*most holy
sancto iquisankto ikʷinpatriarch (of the church)Borrowedsp. var.sancto yqui
sancto yquisankto ikʷisp. var. ofsancto iquipatriarch (of the church)
sanctossanktossp. var. ofsantissimamost holysantosaint holy
Sanctussanktusinterj*Holy*SanctusBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
santasantaadjsaintly, holysantasp. var.sãta
Santa Maria Diosima ano hioco mopononelasanta maria diosima ano hioko mopononelanAve Maria (prayer)Ave MariaConfidentSanta Maria Diosima ano hioco mopuenonelasanta Maria Diosima anohioco mopuenonelesanta Maria Diosima ano yocomo pono nelaDiosima anohioco mopononelaDiosima ano hiocomo pononela MariaSanta Maria Diosima anohioco mopuenonelacomp. ofhiocomogreetpuenocome
santissimasakrarissimoadjmost holysacrarissimosp. var.sanctos
santissimosantissimoadj*most holy*santissimoBorrowed from SpanishBorrowedsp. var.sanctissimo
santosanto1nsaintConfident2adjholyConfidentSansanSantoSanctosanctodial. var.sanctaholysp. var.sanctossantossãto
santossp. var. ofsantosaint holy
Sapalancomponent of a mission name9.7.2Name of a place
saphiranprop*Saphira (Biblical character)*SafiraBorrowed